The Pearls Of Wisdom Book

Interviewer: What was your inspiration for writing the book?

Sheri: There’s so many different things involved. It started 18 years ago. It started out as a reflection of my own life growing up. It became more urgent when I watched my daughter going through grade school. I realized that girls who are blessed for whatever reasons with too many qualities or abilities are having a very hard time. It’s something that society isn’t really recognizing. We’re very oriented toward helping the less advantaged. And that’s as it should be. But on the other hand we shouldn’t be crippling our brightest and best resources for our future. We don’t hobble race horses because they run too fast.

Growing up, I kept seeing that there were all kinds of opportunities for boys. Both my parents were teachers and coaches. So, I had that strong background. I was a good student and naturally athletic. Plus, I had strong psychic abilities, I was just kind of born that way. And though I had a lot of confidence, overall, I always felt different from everybody else. Growing up with my older brother, I was kind of a tough tomboy. He expected a lot out of me, but at school the gender rules were different. Girls weren’t allowed to be as good at things as the boys, let alone better. There was a subliminal threat built in to the system that infiltrated my whole life. I never understood why it was an accepted thing that boys would tease each other about being “beat by a girl”. Why was that such a disgraceful act? Even girls accepted that as a legit putdown without even thinking about it – and then that image is what we grow up believing. And somewhere along the line we accept another phrase as truth – “fragile male ego”. Why do we allow that extra cushioning for them? Has anyone ever heard the phrase “fragile female ego“?

We were taught to be good, clean, polite, and look pretty. That may seem old-fashioned now by comparison but I’m not so sure. When I coached my daughter’s fifth grade basketball team, I literally made them practice growling out loud because they couldn’t stop being nice little girls on the court. I said, “Okay girls, you need to know that this is YOUR ball. So if the other team gets it you need to let ‘em know it’s yours and take it back! Okay?”. No, not so okay. It was deflating as a coach, but more so just as a female, to see one of my girls out there go ahead and steal a ball back and then say she’s sorry to the girl she took it from. What was that?! Fortunately, by the end of the season, they weren’t acting like girls or boys either. They were just confident young people playing the sport of basketball. But the big challenge came during school recess. Naturally, the boys owned the basketball court. So I went there with them and said “Okay, girls go play some ball. It’s alright.” They said, “Are you serious? That’s the boys’ court. We don’t play there. They won’t let us or want us there.” So I told them that change begins with them. And that they had an equal right to the court. I said, “You go show ‘em what you got!” And lo and behold they did! They gave the boys a good run for their money. The boys looked dumbfounded at first by the girls’ audacity, but with me there they knew they had to let them play. The moral of this story is that they ALL had fun. And they all continued to play together. They stopped being macho boys and dainty girls and were just kids having fun. And for the rest of that year, the boys treated those girls differently and the overall confidence level of the girls soared — and not just on the court. They felt like equals. Not more than, not less than. That was proof to me that these kids just need us to pay attention and help where we can. We need to change the unwritten rules of the male/female game.

Boys growing up can be smart, good-looking, wealthy, athletic, you name it. The more you are the more you’re admired. But girls don’t have that latitude. It seemed to me if a girl had more than one or two strong attributes, they hit a quota. You’re allowed a few things, but if you have too much, boys become intimidated and other girls become jealous, spiteful and destructive. We females go after each other starting as children. And we continue through adulthood cannibalizing our own gender. Even at a very young age, girls become focused on their appearance, competing with each other for the attentions of the male. It’s as if we are still stuck in the evolutionary drive for survival by winning the strongest male to breed and protect our progeny. We aren’t realizing that we don’t actually need a male for survival anymore and males aren’t realizing they don’t need to attract as many females as possible with their prowess in order to guarantee their gene pool. If we are civilized, then we need to start acting like it, and see that our survival NOW is based on our ability to support each other’s growth and work together if we are to save ourselves and this planet. The needless competition and emphasis of who we are on the “outside” as compared to who we are on the “inside” needs to stop. Females need to help each other to reach our highest potential. And males need to learn to be proud to be with a female with many qualities, even surpassing their own, instead of being intimidated or threatened by her – whether she’s his sister, girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother or friend.

What made me sit down and write this book was watching my own daughter coming up in the same system I had. Except she didn’t have my confidence and tenacity to see her through. She was a very kind, innocent and sweet little girl with beautiful, long strawberry blond hair like Princess Shalimar. She was a good artist, writer and athlete. And she was born with a natural gift for healing. She had everything anyone could want. So when I saw this happening to her, I thought “Ok, this stuff happening to me is one thing. I survived. But I’m not going to let this happen to her.” I realized then just how pervasive this was. If it happened to me and it happened to her, I had to ask myself “How many other strong females growing up in the world are being punished, conditioned, and dumbed down right out of the gate?” How many will unknowingly surrender their gifts to an unwritten law that they can’t be too much, and they can’t be more than a boy, or they won’t be accepted by either gender?

When I was in grade school, in the 60’s, we didn’t have all the interesting things to do at recess that kids do now. Mostly we’d just run around the huge grassy playground. So, naturally we would race and I and many of my little girlfriends would usually win against the boys. But many times I would see those same girls lose on purpose to a boy they liked. And even as a youngster, I would stop and wonder about that unusual social dynamic. I studied things I didn’t understand. I’d see them lose at checkers too, and suddenly act dumb in front of the boys even though they were extremely smart. And I see adult women now doing this all the time. But when I saw this starting to happen with my daughter, I said “No, don’t do that! Don’t learn that behavior or you might not be able to unlearn it later. Don’t be ‘less than’ just so someone will like or accept you. If that’s what makes them like you, then those aren’t the people you want to like you anyway!”

This secret rule that boys are supposed to be better at everything. Where did that come from? Why is it still going on? Why isn’t anybody paying attention to that, calling it what it is, and doing something about it? And how much is that subliminal concept affecting our whole gender’s self-worth, vocations, and relationships throughout our lives?

So to answer your question, that’s basically the origin of the book. It just spilled out of me. I wrote the first 30-page version in an hour or two and it grew from there over many years. This princess, blessed at birth by her special angel, was given abundant abilities – but as time went on she wasn’t sure if they were a blessing or a curse. As she grows up, she realizes she has powerful psychic abilities, too. But when she becomes old enough to marry, she discovers that her suitors are afraid of her. They come from far and wide to see her do this magic thing of creating a pearl in her hand out of nowhere, but none of them will actually approach her because it’s too scary and intimidating. So she goes to her friends, the mermaids, and says “I’m so lonely. Nobody will ever accept me the way I am.” One mermaid says, “Well think about it, what’s more important? – To have a man to love you or to be all these special things you are?” The mermaid tells her she should give back her birthday blessings. “And then you can have a man who won’t be intimidated by you and you can be happy.” Then the other mermaid says “Maybe you don’t need a man. Just be happy with yourself.” Then Shalimar walks away saying, “But wait a minute. Why can’t I have both? Why can’t I have a man and still be who I am? Why do I have to give up something in order to be loved?” And that’s the big question! If you have to give up parts of yourself to be accepted and loved by others… is that really love? We have to keep our girls strong while they’re young and not allow them to dumb down right as they’re learning what their gifts are, and are trying to build upon them. These are the next leaders of our world. We’re losing so much just by not paying attention to how our belief systems are created.

I know that was a pretty long answer to your question. It’s a complicated book that grew over a long period of time. I didn’t work on it constantly, mostly start and stop. Now I realize that this book is actually fifty years worth of watching many processes play out in my own life.

Being a psychic and medium, I am able to channel. So a lot of this information was channeled through me. I work with angels and people on the other side who helped me with writing it. I learned a lot that way. Besides the female empowerment aspect, there’s a lot of higher information that has come through that’s related to the world learning how to live in peace. It’s everything from staying strong through challenges – to having your life make a difference – and everything in between. It has physics, loss and grieving, healing techniques, nature secrets, and psychic skills – so many things! The book is good for anybody to read, it adjusts to all ages. It has basic principles like how the world, energy, vibration, and even love works.  How death and dying and the afterlife works. Why bad things happen to good people. You name it – it’s going to be in that book. For everybody, there’ll be a particular issue and a corresponding story of their own that relates.

And whoever said that adults can’t have beautiful picture books like kids have? I know I never agreed to that, did you?


Interviewer: Why is now an important time? 

Sheri: We need to do something about what’s happening on our planet. Time has run out. The angels have been telling me that for a couple of years now. They’ve been saying “Get the book out – get the book out!” This book is laying the groundwork for understanding how close we are and what we can do about it. We’re in the 11th hour right now. This is what’s called “The Grand Shift” happening on the planet. People are starting to slowly wake up. We are understanding that we’re spiritual beings in a body, not bodies with a spirit. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to step on the scale – to pick a side and weigh in about what you believe and how you want the world to be, because we’re running out of time.

It is a call for people to step up and look at what’s going on with our planet and look at how they can make a difference. It’s about the underlying message and answer to all our problems. That message is that “believing makes it so”. I know, it’s like ‘Yeah, of course we all want to change the world—but how do we do it?’ Right? Well, you do it by understanding vibration and the quantum nature of the universe that we live in.

Everyone thinks everything is just what it is right in front of them, right now, and the same tomorrow, and the same next year. No, that’s not actually true. Science is showing that. This goes back to Einstein. Science, such as quantum physics, has demonstrated that we live across a lot of dimensions at once, and those dimensions exist according to what choice we make in every moment, in every split second, every “now” moment. Sometimes we feel helpless as mere individuals to effect change. My message is – no, you’re not! The most basic premise of the “Pearls” book is that whatever you “believe”… IS!

Whatever you believe is equal to the power you bring forth. That’s why it’s important to change what girls are taught to believe about themselves from little up. Because what they believe is what they will create for themselves. All children need to learn this, and adults too. Once everybody understands this on an individual basis it’ll translate, on a collective basis, into the power to change the world overnight. We’ve all been trained to feel powerless in some way. You can change that. The change begins with you. Be the change yourself first. No one is going to do it for us. Be the ones you’re waiting for. We’re in the age of prophecy. That’s what’s happening right now. We’re in the shift now. You can affect that by understanding that every choice you make, in every minute, changes your own environment and that changes everyone else’s environment. We’re all connected whether we like it or not. So, if we make an individual choice in any moment to be angry, or to be loving, that’s going to increase negativity or positivity in the collective field of consciousness. And there’s a lot more power in that than you might think. At certain points, critical mass is reached, and things change on their own, such as the hundredth monkey phenomenon. There’s actual science behind many things that may seem inconceivable, but they aren’t. We are on the cusp of a conceptual revolution. This is one of my favorite sayings, it’s from Cloud Atlas. “One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so.” That’s what ‘Pearls” is about, and quantum science as well. The universe is made of infinite possibilities, but it only matters what we are able to understand, conceive, and believe.

The power of believing – it’s a real thing. It’s the primary tool of manifesting. We are each capable of creating our own reality. In fact, we do it all the time, we just aren’t aware of it. But there’s a technique to make it work in your life. That technique is written in the note that Shalimar’s Birth Angel left for her to help her on her journey to enlightenment. The note says, “When spirit joins heart, mind, and body—as One and of One—only then shall you truly see, that ALL things are a possibility.”

I like to describe that quantum principle in a simpler way with the acronym F.A.T.E. You can change your reality, your FATE, simply by believing with every part of your being. To create the change you want, you have to combine your Feelings, Actions, and Thoughts to create the Experience of change. What we’re going to end up finding out about the universe we live in is that nothing is as real as we think. Like a hologram, it looks very real, but it’s only what we are creating and projecting for ourselves. We are each living in our own fairytale. The good news here is that we can create our story, our “FATE”, any way we want. Each person can make a difference as soon as they choose to, but the critical key is in doing it together!

I know that’s a lot of really heady stuff and a little out there. I thought so too over the past decade that my guides have been explaining this to me. But interestingly, as they were telling me stranger and stranger things for the book, I would soon thereafter find the same information in scientific theories that would be synchronistically put in front of me. That’s just how things work once you start paying attention.


Interviewer: What if someone is skeptical of such things? Does the book still have relevance to them?

Sheri: Yes, that’s why it’s written as a fairytale. Whoever reads this book, they’re going to get it on whatever level of understanding they are at. If they find this book crossing their path, there will be a reason for it. Like Aunt Tilly says, “There’s always a reason for everything, we just might not know what the reason is.” That’s so true. I always encourage people to ask questions and to have an open-mind to possibilities that we have yet to understand. There’s nothing in this book that’s going force anyone to change their belief system. At its most fundamental, literary level, it is just a story about a girl who loses her family and she goes through a lot of struggles to learn who she is and how to hold onto who she is—no matter what. Even if it means that she has to live alone. Her love advice would be to wait until you find the person who’s able to love you for who you are. Then grab that one and hold onto him, and it doesn’t matter if he is a prince or a messenger. That’s the story’s message for the boys. They don’t have to compete and be a superstar to win the love of a woman of true character. They just have to love her, help her to be her best, and believe in who she is. That’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or a pauper. Shalimar ended up marrying the messenger instead of the wealthy prince. Look at what matters most in your life and what brings true happiness and compatibility.

There’s also the experience of death and dying, grieving losing your family and feeling like you can’t go through life alone. Then you reach down and you find the power within that says “No, I know I came here for a reason. I’m going to figure out what that reason is. I’m going to find out what my life purpose is and I’m going to do it. I’m going to make my loved ones proud. I’m still here and I’m going to making a difference with my life.”


Interviewer: If someone was interested in the ideas in the book, wanted more information about you, or wanted to know what the next step is, what would you recommend?

Sheri: Oh, that’s a great question. I love that! It’s all about forward motion and learning new things. There are so many different platforms of thought and information in there that it depends on which ones they’re interested in. For vibrational science, like Shalimar’s ability to create a pearl and move between dimensions, they can research theories of the holographic universe and spacetime. When is it ever not a good idea to study Einstein, eh? He is my favorite person ever. We share an understanding that spirit and science are the same and inseparable.  You can study Newtonian vs quantum theories. Newtonian would suggest that our outer world affects our inner world, but I would agree with more current theories that our inner world creates our outer experience. By studying vibration, you can more easily understand why it is so easy to communicate with the deceased. It’s not airy fairy woo woo stuff, it’s just frequency-based communication. The time has come to step out of the dark ages of fear of the unknown and into the warm light of new possibilities about who we are, what we are, and especially where we are! The internet is a modern day university. You can get an education on anything you want to learn. It’s crazy to not take advantage of it, yet one still needs to do their due diligence in cross-checking facts, etc.

I have a list of thought leaders, authors, and books that I have found helpful on our website (www.The PearlsofWisdomBook. com) The the book can be downloaded there for free or purchased as a hard copy. ALL proceeds from the sale of the book and other items from our store go to support our 501(c)(3) foundation called Angel Whispers, an outreach program to support young females.

I also have an “Ask Sheri” column on my website to send questions to. You can also peruse the many radio show interviews and articles there, as well as podcasts, youtube videos and other social media. You can email me directly with questions or speaking requests at Sheri@ I try to be as available as possible. I enjoy stirring the pot of curiosity. It’s how we all grow!

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