Illustrations of The Pearls of Wisdom

About The Author

Sheri D. Engler

Sheri Engler and her husband live happily in their own “magical kingdom” in a charming Tudor cottage on a small farm in Southern Oregon. Having raised four kids between them, they now enjoy raising their family of mini dairy goats, ducks, chickens, and German Shepherd dogs.  A true animal lover, she created several local animal welfare programs and organizations and ran a pet rescue at home with her family.

Ms. Engler’s background includes a degree in clinical psychology from San Francisco State University and a specialized nursing license to work in both acute and sub-acute psychiatric settings. Her path took a turn when she married and moved to Oregon to raise her children in a more rural environment much like her own childhood in Michigan.

In Oregon, she developed several home-based businesses including art design, mural painting, and general contracting, but her work as a psychic consultant, mentor, and medium has always been her most rewarding. She feels blessed to be able to offer the gift of communication between the realms, especially for those grieving the loss of their loved ones. Her reward comes in witnessing the healing that frequently occurs through this direct form of closure. Knowing that using intuitive abilities is easier than most people think, it is her heartfelt wish for everyone to develop their own natural communication skills to the point that mediums and psychics are no longer needed. Her training workshops focus on those who are newly ‘awakening’ to their spiritual selves and on those who wish to expand their psychic skills or work in the spiritual field.

Alongside her love of all things magical, she is also an avid student of quantum physics and cosmology. She will soon be releasing a book with new, ground-breaking research, which she hopes will help unify the fields of science and spirit. To this end she states, It is no longer the matter of proving that science and spirit are one, but rather exploring that oneness with new eyes.