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Although the messages contained within The Pearls of Wisdom book are beneficial to all, one of the themes is about supporting females of all ages to be proud of who they are, to own their gifts, and to claim their power as individuals. As women, we have been conditioned since childhood to be “less than.” Although having many talents or gifts is admired in boys, girls find that they are shunned by their female peers due to jealousy and by male peers due to intimidation. As girls mature into women, unfortunately those old beliefs about themselves and their place in the world become locked into place and much potential leadership and self-expression is permanently lost.

As future leaders and citizens of the world, it is imperative that our aspiring youth, especially our young females, feel empowered by their personal worth to embrace and utilize their unique gifts and abilities. By finding the courage to be who they are meant to be, and having the chance to reach their greatest potential, they will serve the higher good for both themselves and the world at large.

In support of our global inter-connectedness, we realize that as we lift up one, we lift up all. To that end, the Angel Whispers Foundation (a non-profit outreach program under the auspices of The Enlightenment Foundation) has been established for the purpose of donating The Pearls of Wisdom book to libraries, schools, organizations, shelters, and wherever else it may serve as an inspiring instrument of empowerment and hope.

Paying it Forward … The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Because the author believes in being the change one wishes to see in the world, she has donated a royalty free license for this book and its products to the Angel Whispers Foundation to ensure all proceeds further Angel Whispers humanitarian endeavor. In addition, the eBook version will be offered free of charge to guarantee that those who cannot afford a physical copy will still have access to the messages within. Our mutual desire is to see this ‘keepsake’ book gifted with love from one to another so as to reach as many people as possible, knowing that it will offer each reader the keys to the Kingdom of Magic and Wisdom— where one does not simply survive life, but may thrive in a life filled with infinite possibilities that are always within one’s reach.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, you may donate by clicking on the button below. With a $100 donation, you will receive an autographed deluxe hardback edition of the book.

The Pearls of Wisdom book

The Pearls of Wisdom

Signed Hardcover Keepsake Edition
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Your donation to Angel Whispers Foundation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Donors gifting $100 or more will receive a signed hardcover keepsake edition of The Pearls of Wisdom as a token of our gratitude.

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