Back Cover from “The Pearls of Wisdom” Book

A brilliant Birth Angel appears in the sky above the Castle of Bandalay. She comes to bless the new baby, Princess Shalimar, with supernatural gifts that will assist the child on her path to “enlightenment.” Along her path, Shalimar struggles through tragedies and disabling fears that test her faith in herself and in the goodness of life. She questions whether her birth blessings were gifts — or rather curses from which she cannot escape. She discovers that she must draw upon the strength of her soul in order to survive her destiny. Buried deep within Shalimar’s soul memory lay the sacred knowledge of the “Star Ones” (the star people who brought magic to humans) and the “Wise Ones” (the tree spirits who offered humans wisdom). Her destiny is to bring the forgotten legacy back to humanity, so that the people may awaken their own  magic and wisdom, which is naturally born into each and every human being on Earth. But first, Shalimar must remember the ancient knowledge with the assistance of her  magical mentors — her “elfin” Aunt Tilly, her two angelic dove guides, the Mer King of the Enchanted Emerald Sea, and a giant blue Avatar Wolf Guardian.

The Pearls of Wisdom is an allegorical adventure that parallels the current awakening of humanity through the life of a passionate, curious, and indomitable little girl. While exploring the many layers of this inspiring and thought-provoking book, you may see your own “humanity” through her eyes of this candidly observant child. Through her, you may revisit your own moments of loss, weakness, courage, and triumph as she navigates the treacherous path from innocence to empowerment. Shalimar’s pure perceptions offer us an opportunity to reassess our own perspectives and belief systems — and perhaps happily release those which no longer serve us.

This book presents a fresh take on a timeless genre that can be read again and again, while offering something new each time. It brings forth a magic of its own that will linger well after you set it down. A testament of love’s triumph over evil, it is a harbinger of hope that will squeeze your heart, rattle your mind, and tickle your funny bone—sometimes all at once! It is a one-of-a-kind guide that reveals the well-hidden secrets of life—many of which are based, not in fiction, but in simple science.

Regardless of age or gender, all are invited to settle into the enticing glow of this delightfully enchanting storybook. For children, it is a beautifully illustrated, classic fairy tale that, along with parental guidance, can grow with the child’s maturity over time. For teenagers, it lends encouragement to prioritize one’s individuality over the sometimes self-sabotaging desire to be accepted by others. For everyone, it is a rich resource of esoteric teaching, healing, and joy.


Author/Illustrator, Sheri Engler, is an experienced medium, mentor, and metaphysicist with a background in psychology, counseling, and research. Through the channeled instrument of this book, she has translated the mysteries of the universe into a language easily understood by children, yet at a level that profoundly affects adults. She creates a movie in the mind of the reader so enthralling, one barely notices the finely woven tapestry of lessons on healing, nature, mysticism, death and afterlife, laws of attraction, quantum physics, and the vibrational science of miracles. But the greatest gift to be found here is the true “Magic of Believing.” By sharing this powerful gift with others, we can awaken and manifest our greatest dreams. Don’t await your future—create your future!

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