Afterword from “The Pearls of Wisdom” Book

“The Pearls of Wisdom” is, in essence, the Story of Humanity. It is the story of my life, your life, anyone’s life. Our challenge, individually and as a species, is to remember and utilize the Wisdom and Magic of the Ancient Ones for the benefit of the planet and all her inhabitants. Like any good fairy tale, the story of humankind has a beginning, a middle, and an end… and of course, the moral of the story!

In the Beginning of our story, there was “The Tribe.”
Tribes, or clans, were based on community, sustainability, and the laws of nature. We lived in harmony with our surroundings because our survival depended on it. Each individual had a purpose that supported the whole of the tribe. Commonly, the most esteemed position was that of the shaman. They treated the heart, mind, body, and spirit as one entity, because each aspect affected the whole being—just as each being affected the wholeness of the tribe. They learned their healing methods from nature and spirit beings. There was no such thing as supernatural… it was just natural! Fairies, angels, plant/animal spirits, spirit guides, and deceased ancestors were honored as integral parts of one universe.

In the Middle, there came “The Separation.”
Our modern family communities separated and spread across the globe. Once we became “civilized,” we lost our self-sufficiency and we overruled the laws of nature that were once held sacred. We no longer used shamans to treat the whole being, but rather divided healing into separate practices. We also divided the land, which changed “ours”—into “yours” and “mine.” No longer an integral animal species, we lost our way. We lost our extra sensory systems and our primal survival system of Oneness. We fell deeper and deeper into the Self and the dark night of the soul. While sound asleep in that perpetual nighttime, we forgot who we were, where we came from, and how to live for the good of all—and tragically, we forgot our “magic.”

Then hope shined a light, and one-by-one our “Sleeping Tribe” slowly began waking up.
We began remembering and sharing the sacred secrets that every human heart and mind has always held within. We started reaching out to awaken our families, friends. We even reached out to strangers—because when everyone acts as One—there are no strangers.

Then at the End of humanity’s story, there came “The Grand Awakening.”
(Oh, wait! I’m sorry… humankind is still writing that part!)
But just between you and me, I took a little ‘psychic peek’ at the future anyway. And I can tell you this much… Unless we all wake up soon and remember what we already know—which is the Oneness we need to survive—well, let’s just say that our fairy tale may not end “happily ever after.”

“And finally, the all-important “Moral of the Story.”
This part of the story is also still being written, not by humankind, but by You— in every moment of every day. When we rise with the light of each new morning, we begin making choices—some big, some small, and many that likely seem meaningless—but every choice we make, ultimately, affects us all. We are each continually writing, editing, and rewriting the Story of Humanity—with our choice of thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Though we appear to be individual beings, at the end of that day, we are all human beings. We are characters in one story, with one beginning, one middle, and one end. We may wish to see our “selves” as separate pages, but the truth is—we are all in this book together.”

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