How Does The Universe Give Us Signs

That We Are About To Meet The Love Of Our Life?


In a recent interview, Sheri Engler was asked about meeting the love of one’s life. Here are her responses:

Interviewer: “How does the universe give us signs that we are about to meet the love of our life?”

Sheri Engler: “Or is the real question, ‘How do we give the universe signs that we are ready for it?’

“First you must understand the cosmic laws of the universe that can either help or hinder your quest. A critical one is the Law of Attraction, which on the whole is greatly misunderstood. This is not a matter of holding an intention or repeating affirmations to draw your perfect life or dream lover. More accurately, the manifestation of your desires is based on three principles:

1) Be very clear on what you want (while being careful what you ask for!).

2) Then “be” the kind of person yourself who would draw that person to you, ie., create that vibrational match in yourself first. The universe responds to your own actions and belief systems.

And 3) Live in gratitude to the universe for already granting your wish.

Because the universe does not presume to know what you want, it gives you more of what you have and what you truly believe about yourself and your life. This cosmic law can be a powerful tool once studied and mastered.

In a nutshell, the universe is like a mirror. If it sees you wanting something, in essence, that means you don’t have it. And because the universe loves you it will give you more of what it sees. Ultimately, if you want to work this law to your advantage don’t count on the universe for true love, count on you, the true creator of all your experiences. You hold all the power you need already. Don’t await your future – create your future!”

Interviewer: “Once you’ve done the manifesting, are there ways to tell if what you want is on its way?”

Sheri Engler: “There is probably a more diplomatic and articulate way of relaying this answer but in short, you’ll know it’s on the way when you stop needing and focusing on it. That’s part of the ‘being’ it and being grateful that you are sure it’s happening in this moment. So long as you are looking for signs that means you don’t have it and will likely continue not having it. It’s a scientific, quantum, vibrational thing. It’s something you are – not something you do or look for. It’s loosely like chasing your dog if it’s running away… chances are if you keep chasing it is going to keep running. But if you  turn around and run the opposite direction while calling its name it will likely turn around and chase you instead. Life is funny that way isn’t it? I’ve actually done this before and it works. Watching for signs is still in the category of chasing what you want. “Being” the kind of person who is whole and not in a state of need will attract another ‘whole’ person of similar vibration to you, ergo, law of attraction.”

Interviewer: “What prevents the law of attraction from working for people?”

Sheri Engler: “Living in need and lack. It only draws more more, while the universe actually thinks it’s giving you exactly what you want. If you think about it, money brings money, love brings love, smiles bring smiles, and fear brings fear. They are vibrational matches. It’s easy once you figure out this key. What prevents people is the lack of education and willingness to let go of their lifelong maladaptive belief systems, lack of self worth, and victimhood. We are in the age of empowerment now and in particular female empowerment. Change is coming, albeit painfully slowly.”

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