It’s Take Your Kids To Work Day April 26

By CHLOE GREEN The Source Weekly – Bend, Oregon – April 25, 2018

“April 26 is national Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day, meaning that 37 million Americans will be participating and bringing kids to their workplace—giving them the chance to start dreaming big.

“One of the most prominent foundations that helps to organize the annual event is the, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, founded by Gloria Steinem in 1993 as a way to increase the number of women in the workforce. Since its foundation, the organization has gone through major changes and is still continuing to evolve today.

“The original title, Take Our Daughters to Work Day transformed into Take Our Daughters and Son to Work Day in 2003, and has been organizing annual events that create positive change in communities for 25 years. This year the theme is “Service Force—agents for positive change” a theme that organizers hope will showcase the impact people can have in their communities.

“Organizers of TODASTWD have been inspiring millions of children each year to dream big, but are still working towards making the day more inclusive for all children.

“Sheri Engler, a mentor and former licensed psychiatric technician, says there are still far too many children who are being left out of this experience and the opportunities it often provides.”We should also be focusing on the kids who are left out. They’re the ones who need this type of activity the most. I’d like to see it changed to ‘Take A Child to Work Day.’ It doesn’t need to be focused on parents and their sons and daughters. This day could be extended to a day of community volunteerism to take a child in need with you to work. Children in shelters, foster homes, institutions etc. are the ones at highest risk for not being able to integrate into society or discover their skills and desires. These marginalized kids are left behind, and this day is just another reminder of that,” Engler wrote in an April 25 press release. The TODASTWD website encourages people to get involved and invite children from their community who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in this event. They are continuing to ensure that all children, no matter race, class, gender or family situation will have the opportunity to be inspired.”

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