Is Shalimar making a pearl like manifesting things in my own life?

Focus on what Shalimar’s Birth Angel’s note said: “When spirit joins heart, mind, and body- as One and of One-only then shall you truly see that all things are possibilities.” I use the acronym F.A.T.E. Once you are able to hold your Feelings, Actions, and Thoughts in synchrony for a long enough time, that is when you will Experience whatever you desire to manifest. It is a basic law of the universe. So the answer is “YES!”. You create your own FATE in every moment without knowing it. But once you understand how this works, you can create whatever you want. This is what Shalimar’s two doves, “Magic” and “Wisdom”, represent. Magic is believing (feeling), Wisdom is knowing (thinking) and together they become Enlightenment. And that Enlightenment becomes manifest once it is put into action (behavior). This unity of belief and intention matches the vibration of that which you seek and thereby becomes it. Everything in the universe is based on vibration. It’s that simple. An easy way to get something you want is to live as though you already have it and be in a true state of joy and gratitude for it. Soon it will be yours. Like I said, unless you cannot hold it and cannot follow through 100% like Shalimar had to do while making the pearl, then it must come to you by law of attraction. The only caveat that I would offer to this that other quantum theorists may not always take into consideration is whether the life you charted for yourself before you came into this lifetime conflicts with something you think you want but is actually not in agreement with your higher good or your higher self. Most of what we experience is not what we wish for but rather what we wished ‘to learn’ in this lifetime. Earth is like a college. We choose our classes ahead of time. Ultimately, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. But it does help nonetheless to know how the journey works at least. I hope this was helpful. It’s complicated and simple at the same time. Shalimar can validate that for sure!

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  1. wendy
    wendy says:

    So are you saying that if I am in the moment as an observer then I can separate from my emotion and guide the experience?

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